Design of reconfigurable slot antennas

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The antenna tuning is realized by changing its effective electrical length, which is controlled by the bias voltages of the solid state shunt switches along the slot antenna. Although the design is based on a resonant configuration, an effective bandwidth of 1.7:1 is obtained through this tuning without requiring a reconfigurable matching network.

A Frequency Reconfigurable Rotatable Antenna Design for ... antenna design: one is a sensing antenna that covers the band from 2-10 GHz and the other is a rotatable frequency reconfigurable antenna which tunes its operating frequency to the corresponding frequency determined by the sensing antenna. The reconfigurable antenna consists of five different Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna using ... - IOSR Journals stacked design is operating at 1.75GHz. The antenna is used in the lower band terrestrial and land-mobile applications. In this paper, the Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna using Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology for micrometer wave application was designed. The reconfigurable antenna is the antenna

Chapter-2 RECONFIGURABLE MICROSTRIP ANTENNAS 2.1 INTRODUCTION Reconfigurability, when used in the context of antennas, is the capacity to change an individual radiator’s fundamental operating characteristics through electrical, mechanical, or other means. Thus, under this definition, the traditional

Abstract|A new design for circularly-polarized (CP) slot antennas is flrst described. The antenna is a combination of a shorted square-ring slot and an L-shaped linear slot, and its CP operation frequency can be easily tuned under the condition that the slot area is unchanged. Based on the CP design, two reconflgurable slot antennas are then ... Design of Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna ... - IJMTER

Modeling of pin diode in HFSS and frequency reconfigurable antenna.

Chapter-2 RECONFIGURABLE MICROSTRIP ANTENNAS Ideally, reconfigurable antennas should be able to alter their operating frequencies, impedance bandwidths, polarizations, and radiation patterns independently to accommodate changing operating requirements. However, the development of these antennas poses significant challenges to both antenna and system designers. Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Circular Patch Antenna Fig.1. Reconfigurable design of circular patch antenna. 3 R ECONFIGURATION P ROCEDURE. The circular patch antenna used in design is very easy to re- configure by connecting diodes between inner and outer circu- lar slots. There are three different configurations of the two connecting diodes (D1 & D2). Reconfigurable Antennas | Synthesis Lectures on Antennas

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DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF RECONFIGURABLE PATCH ANTENNAS FOR WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS by FEI HE A THESIS Presented to the Faculty of The Graduate College at the ... Design and Implimentation of Slotted Reconfigurable ... “A reconfigurable dualfrequency slot loaded microstrip antenna controlled by pin-diodes, ” Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol. 44, 374–376, 2005. [5] Onat, S., Alatan, L., Demir, of triple-band reconfigurable microstrip antenna employing RF-MEMS switches”, APS internationals symposium, 2004. Design of Frequency Reconfigurable Symmetrical Rhombic Micro ... The antenna design and simulated results of return loss (S11), VSWR, and radiation pattern are presented. Keywords - Symmetrical Rhombic slot antenna, frequency reconfigurable, PIN Diodes (switches). I. INTRODUCTION